Resignifying the present: The template and Alejandra Casado

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Abstract development: present

Concrete development:


1. Resignifying the present: The equation between question & answer

2. Present and anticipation: The abstract observer

3. Derivation towards the Origin

4. Alejandra Casado & abstract purpose

📌 Key clues: point 0 - derivation – abstract purpose
The Global Convergent Logic’s template describes the 7 levels of the unfolding of the universes applied to the Self. Which is why an invitation comes as a result, to be able to know which is the receiver’s (common people) role inside existence (the universe). On the template we will observe how common people are linked to the past and how, from the future, they can reconnect with a balanced present. Resignifying these three links, the receiver or common person (past, present and future) and connecting with what is the logic of it’s existence, all of the template’s levels are in sync making our way of perceiving and operating functional, in convergence with our best future. This way the template presents itself in 3 steps where:
* We will understand how from the “past” these 4 markers operate and codify my biological unconscious (from the German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer) and my answer capacity in my context. This will be vital to understand where the distortion in my perception is coming from, and thus why I operate or act as I do.
* We will know and understand the Law of Unfolding of Time from the French scientist Jean Pierre Garnier Malet and the existence of a quantic double, which will allow us to resignify our notion of “future” (go to Resignifying the future: unfolding and Garnier’s quantum double)
* And finally, from this past-future interaction, we will resignify the “present” notion, which is the point where past and future balance each other out or get neutralized (pint 0), and from which the logical connection takes place (nocturnal derivation) with the Convergent Logic of the Universe (go to Resignifying the Present: Template and Alejandra Casado)


1. Resignifying the present: the equation between answer & question


After Resignifying past and future, we will now resignify the present.

Inside the space-time unfolding, the present is what connects us with the instant. Linearly and concretely, the instant is the present. In a non-linear & abstract aspect, the instant is the Absolute Truth and Perfection instance, Origin of all that is.

Everyone resonates with the fact that the present is the “HERE & NOW”. Well, if we wanted to represent the present on a plane, we will understand that it is the intersection between the “here” (space) & the “now” (time). The intersection of both axis, that concur in one point, is what we will call “point 0”.


The X-axis is the unfolding of space and time understood linearly: as present, past and future. And just in the middle, point 0 is situated, creating a perfect symmetry in the axis, between what is on the left of the line (questions and experience) and what is on the right (answers and purpose), in a way that our linear life is the result of an equation that determines the distance to zero, meaning, how far apart my answers are to my questions.

If the Truth is separated in Questions and Answers, and if the past is who keeps the questions and the future is who keeps the answers, the present is the intermediate point between both, where they find each other and unite as a Truth. The neutral point that stabilizes the equation between past and future, experience and purpose, question and answer, left and right, etc.

Presente instante.png

Gaturro presente.png

2. The present & anticipation: The abstract observer


Furthermore, we can observe that on this point 0 is where the Y-axis is raised (non-linear time), being the only point on the X-axis that connects directly with the instant or hiperconvergent point of Absolute Truth and Perfection (also called Original Being, Void, Nothingness).

Presente balanza.png

This way we can observe how this point 0 will be vital to balance the equation of my life, since it will be the point from where the human receiver makes the connection (derivation) with the abstract and unconscious aspect (convergent logic).

Let’s remember this abstract observer that inhabits the Original Universes, in what we described as a point or instant of Absolute Truth and Perfection, where time does not exist (or what is the same: present past and future coexist in one instant of absolute perfection) and where Everything dissolves into Nothing: From this place, the abstract observer’s look reproduces such attributes: timelessness & neutrality. This way through derivations, what I do is mutate my perception, connect with the abstract observer and its neutral and timeless perspective. And at the same time, I untie myself from my actual perception: a perception with reactive charge and tied to my past’s experiences (maximum past observers).

3. Derivation to the Origin


Here we will observe a difference with the double’s derivation that Garnier proposes…

4. Alejandra Casado & abstract purpose