Resignifying the past: Hamer’s markers and the biological unconscious

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Abstract development: past

Concrete development:


1. Resignifying: past and questions

2. Past and biologic unconscious: Maximum past observers

3. From the 4 errors or markers to Self-reference

4. Past and condition


5. The lefts’ logic

6. The biologic unconscious


7. The Earth’s past: The Earth’s biological unconscious

📌 Key clues: biological unconscious - past – error – lineal purpose
The Global Convergent Logic’s template describes the 7 levels of the unfolding of the universes applied to the Self. Which is why an invitation comes as a result, to be able to know which is the receiver’s (common people) role inside existence (the universe). On the template we will observe how common people are linked to the past and how, from the future, they can reconnect with a balanced present. Resignifying these three links, the receiver or common person (past, present and future) and connecting with what is the logic of it’s existence, all of the template’s levels are in sync making our way of perceiving and operating functional, in convergence with our best future. This way the template presents itself in 3 steps where:
* We will understand how from the “past” these 4 markers operate and codify my biological unconscious (from the German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer) and my answer capacity in my context. This will be vital to understand where the distortion in my perception is coming from, and thus why I operate or act as I do.
* We will know and understand the Law of Unfolding of Time from the French scientist Jean Pierre Garnier Malet and the existence of a quantic double, which will allow us to resignify our notion of “future” (go to Resignifying the future: unfolding and Garnier’s quantum double)
* And finally, from this past-future interaction, we will resignify the “present” notion, which is the point where past and future balance each other out or get neutralized (pint 0), and from which the logical connection takes place (nocturnal derivation) with the Convergent Logic of the Universe (go to Resignifying the Present: Template and Alejandra Casado)


1. Resignifying: past and questions


To be able to resignify the past, we are first going to observe how we link to it, or in other words, what meaning does the past have in our lives?

On a general level, we can associate the past to the history that has been collected in humanity’s path. From its most remote beginnings, surviving in the caverns, to the present time, surviving our society.

This way, history is the science that has as object of study humanity’s past. History explains to us what has happened and what we have done and shapes how we have been and who we are.

History speaks to me about my country, my culture, my language, who is and who have been my friends and enemies, etc. Which is why through history and the past, a strong emotional link exists.

On a particular level, every human being, is also linked with it’s own personal history: one from our personal past, values transmitted, family, what has been done to us, what has been said to us, etc. The particular past can be a difficult and painful thing to forget, or also some sort of refuge where we can rest in happy memories. Our past turns into a cluster of experiences with which we can face our uncertain future (it is known that “experience is a grade”). In any case, we keep maintaining that strong emotional link with our particular history.

But our general history and our particular history are not the most remote past to which we can refer. We also have a history or biological past, which in humans’ case, we can refer to the cell or the amoeba. A unicellular origin which came to be something far more complex, that we now call human, but that is still running on the same biochemical laws from 700 million years ago. Our biological past is the strongest thing rooted in our unconscious, because it is the one that connects us directly with life: being alive and surviving. This biological unconscious is connected to our instinct of survival, which is what keeps us alive. Its program is “being alive and surviving”. In our biology there is still something that responds instinctively, from many years of evolution of the human species. Thus we have the same biology our most remote past had (amoeba), operating in our present physical and biological body (human form).

Human species’ evolution: from the amoeba to the Homo sapiens

Therefore, we have a historical past, a particular past and a biological past, that are conditioning and determining what and how we are, and are doing it from a completely unconscious place for us. It is an instinctive and visceral link… until we begin to “realize”…

And why do we have to realize?

Lets expose first what the past has contributed until now and how we have connected to it, after that each one will make their own choice. So, I have the fact that my particular past is made of a cluster of experiences, memories, and my life, what I am. The past accompanies me in the present, while I walk towards the future, which is uncertain. But this accompaniment operates in a conditioned way. One example: when in the present a conflict is manifested, in other words, a situation that worries me, in an automatic way, my programs associated to my past are going to go off, from the particular, general and biological past: Biological programs. In other words, all this “information” or “biological programs” are activated before a conflictive situation because instinctively I will intend to find the answer to the problem, and because I only the have “past” to get “something”, any tool (because the future is uncertain and it is the last place where I would look for an answer), I will stir this past until I find the answer I am looking for. And this is the main error that will provoke that in my life the same conflicts repeat themselves: the mistake of thinking that the past holds the answers. As long as I only try to know why what happens to me happens, I wont be able to realize that every new “why” opens up a new question and another and another. Every apparent “answer” coming from the past, is inoculating unconsciously a new question. It is an endless loop. Because the past can only offer questions and it disguises them as answers to relieve us. And there are many questions that are “covering up” my authentic question, the original question that opened up the conflict and that is the only one that can truly close it. This is how the past operates with us. Lets look at it with more detail.

The “why?” is a question that connects us with the mental level (level 3 in distortion). The “what for?” is a question that connects us with the logic level (level 5).

When I ask myself “what for?” I am connecting with the purpose of my question (original question) Then the answer I am going to get will be according to the original question I formulated and opened up the conflict. When I ask myself “why?” I am connecting with something that is not the purpose of my question and therefore, if its not a purpose, its conditioning, since it connects me unconsciously to new questions every time more and more alienated from the purpose.

The questions that we usually formulate before our conflicts are preceded by a “why?” The questions “why?” leads our minds directly to the past, to the rational cause that have lead us to a circumstance or situation. It takes us to a road made out of justifications, may they be historical or conditional.


Why do I exist? And your mind begins: because my parents bred me… Why can’t I find a job? Because there are no job offers due to the crisis, because I’m not educated enough… Well, each one of these “answers” connects us to a new question: And why did my parents breed me? And why is there a crisis? And why am I not educated enough? And like this over and over.

Todo punto de existencia.png

This is due to the fact that the answer to the “why” is easier to answer. It is enough to look back and find the causes or external justifications that have lead you to your actual moment. And this “looking back” is a look in to the past searching for answers. The error comes from us not being able to connect to the authentic purpose of our question. And if I don’t link my question to its objective or purpose I won’t be able to obtain the authentic (original) answer and I will loose myself in a sea of apparent answers.

And how do I link my question to its answer? I simply change its structure from “why?” to “what for?” the perception’s processes that activate when you make one or the other question are completely opposites. If the “why?” links you to the past, the “what for?” links you to the future, it connects you with the original sense of the question. It awakens the true meaning of what we do; it leads you directly to the future and opens up infinite possibilities.

Even though these two questions seem the same, they are not; they have important differences, especially when it comes to reconsidering our lives and setting our objectives. The mental processes that develop when you make one or the other question are complete opposites.

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Now we will screen over the template all these new meanings we have set on the past and its questions.

We saw in the original universes article and unfolded universes how the separation trauma is introduced into perception, and how the original logics went to being inverted logics, literally the elements from the original universes are inverted in the unfolded universes.


Let’s look at it this way: lets introduce on purpose an error in the perception of this point of Perfection that is an instant (and the one we have called hiperconvergent point), where answers and questions are integrated conforming an Absolute Truth. The error will come to be the virtual place where we can separate this Absolute Truth into questions and answers, and we will make ourselves the next answer: in this instant of Perfection, what was before, questions or answers?

Let’s answer taking on the margin of error that the answer may have. We can say that the answers were first, in the sense that it made no sense to ask any questions because the truth kept connected every question with its answer. And after, came the question, the one coming from that abstract observer, that inhabiting this point of absolute truth and perfection, it questions how its universe would be like if it wasn’t perfect. This way, knowing imperfection it will recognize its state of perfection. Therefore, we can answer that in the original universes there were firs the answers and then the questions.

Now, while applying the inverted logic of the unfolded universes, such elements (question and answer), opposites but complementary at the time, will occupy its maximum distortion and polarity on level 1, opposite to the original universes. This way, on the line of the first level we place the questions that are set on the left and at the end of the line, the answers, that are set on the right.

In the original universes the answers are prior to the questions; in the unfolded universes, the questions are in the past and are prior to the answers.

This way, the questions are set in the past and to the left; and the answers are set in the future and to the right.

2. Past and biologic unconscious: Maximum past observers


Dr. Hamer’s contribution helps us understand how the 4 markers or errors of perception operate in the receiver and their connection with the biological unconscious.

Ryke Geerd Hamer was a German doctor that developed what is known as New Germanic Medicine. His most valuable contribution to humanity was the discovering of the now called 5 biologic laws that introduce the concept of the biological unconscious. According to Hamer, our biological unconscious is responsible of providing our basic necessities in order to stay alive.

Dr. Hamer explains that humans have a setting in their biological unconscious of some markers or biological programs that are the ones that condition the response to the suffering conflicts. These markers have a function or bio-logical purpose: bio (that which connects the human to existence and to all of experience) and logical (that which is logical). Covering from the first phases of development of human beings, from its embryonic layers, to the most remote principles of life on Earth. Observing illnesses from all the different germinal layers in a separated way, Dr. Hamer established that it was obvious that there was a meaning or biological sense. He realized that “illnesses” were not nature’s errors or mistakes that one should fight, but events with full sense of being that served us to reestablish equilibrium.

Marcadores de Hamer. Etapas.jpg

This has been used to understand how the unfolding is funded and how it stays open and supported on the base of these errors. Therefore these markers connect the receivers to their most remote PAST (they are biological observers from the maximum past), making the unfolding possible.

For this, the Being will deactivate its most inhuman part, the one that kept him connected with the Original Essence and its Purpose, trough the Y axis (axis of Being); and will activate the X axis (axis to be on), which connects him to existence trough energy, to be able to develop its most human aspect. This way, the Being, without a connection with its original Purpose and turned into a human, sets its “origin” in the X axis, opens up experience and funds error.

This is why these biological programs are also known as “errors”, since they introduce errors in the human receiver’s perception and are fundamental so that the conflicts remain open and unresolved (which allows space-time to remain open).

Therefore, the questions that the human receiver has, one that has been disconnected from the BEING and is limited to being/existing, pass to be energetic and are the ones that will support existence/creation. Which is why all that is known as “creation” has inside its logical structure these 4 programs or biological markers, that condition it from the past and that are the ones that generate and support all the errors or human conflicts in all of Existence.

The brain processes 400 thousand million bits of information per second, even if we are only aware of 2 thousand. These 2 thousand bits of information only refer to the environment, to our body and time. We live in a world in which we only see the tip of the iceberg.
We have seen in scientific experiments that if the brain is examined trough CAT scans or technical computers and the person is asked to observe an object, by looking at it, certain areas of the brain light up. Then the person is asked to close his eyes and imagine the same object. When he imagines it, the same areas of the brain light up, as if he was really looking at the object. This made the scientist ask themselves: Who is watching?”

We copy patterns that we already have inside due to conditioning. One magnificent story is that when Christopher Columbus’s ships landed the Caribbean islands, the native Americans couldn’t see them because they had never seen anything like it. They couldn’t see them. When Columbus’s fleet appeared in the Caribbean, no native could see the ships even though they were on the horizon. They couldn’t see them because their brain didn’t have the knowledge or experience of what a caravel was.

We always perceive things once the mirror of memory reflects them. So we are still limited by what the human brain receives that allows us to see and perceive what we do.

3. From the 4 errors or markers to Self-reference



There are 4 errors that exist in the logic on which the 4 first levels of the template are constructed and that are corresponding with their conscious aspect.

  • The first biological marker (that matches the first stage of life on Earth) will be SURVIVAL, in other words, staying alive in order to guarantee its non-extinction. Let’s recall that here the Being has lost its connection with the Origin and its Original Purpose (which is expanding the Void’s consciousness), and while perceiving itself separated from it, its purpose becomes only to exist: “I exist and I don’t know what for, I just know that I have to stay alive”. This is instinct versus intuition. This way, every conflict related to survival (“I have no money”, “I got fired”, “I lost my house”, etc.) is based on this first error of perception.

  • The second biological marker (that develops with the Second stage of life on Earth) has to do with the SEARCH FOR PROTECTION. Once I have survived, and without connection with the Being axis and feeling separated from the rest of the elements, I begin to see in them a threat from which I have to protect myself. Every conflict regarding the search for protection (“I need you to love me”, “I want a man that protects me”, “no one cares for you the way I do”, “I have to protect my children”, “I have to take care of my mother”, “I am afraid to get hurt again”, etc.) is based on this second perception error.

  • The third biological marker (Third stage of life on Earth) has to do with the valuation I make concerning others, I compare and I feel a necessity to compete with the other. Every conflict related with COMPARISON AND COMPETITION (“the other one is faster”, “the other one is luckier”, “I am better than him”, “I am dumber”, “my car is better”, “his grass is greener”, etc.) is based on this third perception error.

  • The fourth biological marker (Fourth stage of life on Earth) has to do with the SUBSTITUTION OF THE MISSING PART. When something is missing and I don’t know what it is. I feel a void that needs to be filled with anything: drugs, food, a partner. Every conflict related with this existential void (“I need a partner”, “I need a dog to be happy”, “I need a child”, “I need to eat to fill up this void”, “I need a drink”, etc.) Is based on this fourth perception error.

As an example of what was just explained regarding the fourth marker, substitution of the missing part, we will have the opportunity to see how it works through an episode of a British television series called Black Mirror.

As for the content that the episodes have and their structure, the creator Charlie Broker defines it like this: “Every episode has a different tone, a different environment, even a different reality, but they are all about the way in which we are living right now and how we may be living in 10 minutes if we are stupid enough” this is because it shows the darker side of life and technology. Linearly, this series seems to have been created with the purpose of warning spectators of the dangers that technology has if used excessively or if we are dependent of it.

In this episode, the first of the second season called “I’ll be right back”, we can observe from the logic its non linear aspect to what it is referring, as we said before, to the fourth marker and how this provokes in the unfolding a great distortion. The plot goes like this: “A young couple, Martha and Ash, just moved into a country house. Everything seems to be going well, but in a short period of time he dies in a traffic accident. Martha stays summoned by the pain discovering, on top of it all, that she is pregnant. Then she remembers something that at the funeral, one person had suggested about the possibility of contacting in a virtual way with a recreation of the character of her late husband, trough e-mails and phone calls. This is possible thanks to the technology developed that the creators of this virtual reality offered, they had access to his personal data in social media, e-mail and other information facilitated by the person in question in this recreation, even being able to recreate the tone of his voice. As the day went by, Martha becomes more an more dependent and puts all of her time into this “relationship” that fills her void and gives back the happy times lived with her husband. Her obsession becomes such that the day her phone falls down and her communication is broken she suffers an anxiety attack until she is able to recover the connection. This is where “upping the game” is offered, she is offered to acquire a synthetic recreation of a human with Ash’s physical appearance, or what we can call his “double”, to which she accepts. At first this seemed to be in sync with all of Martha’s expectations, being able to enjoy not only his e-mails and phone calls but also his physical company. But little by little Martha begins to realize that there is nothing that can substitute a “real” person, with its mistakes and merits, not even the most perfectly designed machine, because this machine can only recreate old patterns and it cannot go father than its own programs. In this outcome we see the lesson learned that we talked about at the beginning, when we said that this series pretends to warn the spectators of the danger/opportunity that represents leaning or depending completely on technology, sustained by the fourth level’s science.

You can watch this episode here :

Each biological program operates in one of the 4 first planes of the template, through what we call “biologic observers”, that are situated to the left of the template, in the past, to keep the divergence and keep the conflicts open:

- Survival conflicts operate on level 1 or the physical and biological experience level

- Protection conflicts operate on level 2 or emotional level

- Comparison-competition conflicts operate on level 3 or mental level

- Existential void conflicts operate on level 4 or level of identity.

These existential conflicts are based on the existential and energetic questions coming from the human receiver and are meeting an end, which is keeping the unfolding and the temporary opening so that level one can exist, and in it all of Creation. This way, when the receiver asks itself an existential question about a conflict, the biological observers that reside on the maximum past of each of the levels are activated and are emitting in different frequencies at once. And in the middle of so much noise, the receiver tries to listen to the Answer to its conflict in the past/ the past’s programs (which is where the errors have been funded trough the biological programs), when the answers are only in the Future and the Past only has Questions to offer.

What these 4 errors of perception have in common is the outside’s reference, everything lead me to look or search outside something I do not have and on top of that I feel that I need; air, water, and nourishing to survive; a job that I still don’t have, a house that I haven’t gotten yet, a partner that makes me happy, etc. “all that is good is outside”, this is why existence turns in to an effort. And this is the original distortion or “original sin” that supports our universe: the MISTAKE of thinking that everything is outside. Having the knowledge that these markers exist helps us to be aware from where I am operating and from what error I am basing my conflicts.

How do I get out of these 4 errors?

Connecting with the logic you will reconnect with the futures that bring back that Self-reference and it is where the answers are, and opening up the Fifth stage of life on Earth. The past has only questions, the future answers. It is important to remember that the human receiver has lost the connection with the Y-axis, which is where its self-reference resides, in order to be able to open space-time. Identifying the original distortion that everything is outside and connecting with the observer that hast the purpose of that existence and that will eliminate the original error. Creating a communication bridge with these observers from the past and presenting the unfolding, we are activating the line of observers from the future. Symmetry is created that places me on point 0. Aligning the maximum past observers and the maximum future observers on the physical level sets me on point 0.

Autorref texto dibu.png

4. Past and condition


From the Logic, Hamer’s contribution in developing the 5 biological laws and the embryonic layers, allow us to identify how the past and our biological unconscious operates, and how they are conditioning our linear life, the biological unconscious operates as a condition to the receiver.

In the article “Resignifying the Future”, Garnier connects us with a quantum double and with a future that ceases to be uncertain, but in his contribution he keeps the linear purpose of the receiver, which is why it is still not connected to the logic.

In the article “Resignifying the Present”, Alejandra Casado shows us how to connect with the logic and a purpose that is no longer linear, but abstract.

5. The lefts’ logic



6. The biologic unconscious


7. The Earth’s past: The Earth’s biological unconscious


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