Resignifying the Future: The unfolding and Garnier’s quantum double

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Abstract Development: future

Concrete Development:


1. Resignifying: future and answers

2. Future & intuition: maximum future observers

3. Derivation to the quantum double

4. Future and linear purpose


5. The right’s potentials


6. The Earth’s future: To the Sun

📌 key concepts: intuition – future – quantum double - derivation 

The Global Convergent Logic’s template describes the 7 levels of the unfolding of the universes applied to the Self. Which is why an invitation comes as a result, to be able to know which is the receiver’s (common people) role inside existence (the universe). On the template we will observe how common people are linked to the past and how, from the future, they can reconnect with a balanced present. Resignifying these three links, the receiver or common person (past, present and future) and connecting with what is the logic of it’s existence, all of the template’s levels are in sync making our way of perceiving and operating functional, in convergence with our best future. This way the template presents itself in 3 steps where:
* We will understand how from the “past” these 4 markers operate and codify my biological unconscious (from the German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer) and my answer capacity in my context. This will be vital to understand where the distortion in my perception is coming from, and thus why I operate or act as I do.
* We will know and understand the Law of Unfolding of Time from the French scientist Jean Pierre Garnier Malet and the existence of a quantic double, which will allow us to resignify our notion of “future” (go to Resignifying the future: unfolding and Garnier’s quantum double)
* And finally, from this past-future interaction, we will resignify the “present” notion, which is the point where past and future balance each other out or get neutralized (pint 0), and from which the logical connection takes place (nocturnal derivation) with the Convergent Logic of the Universe (go to Resignifying the Present: Template and Alejandra Casado)


1. Resignifying: Future and answers


In the article Resignifying the Past: Hamer’s markers and biological unconscious, its explained how the past operates conditioning our present and how we have come to find, with no success, in the past the answers to our conflicts. Also it was stated that that was an error, because of the fact that the answers lie in the future.

And where does this affirmation come from?

What is the logical sense to saying that the answers are in the future?

Well, until now we have seen that effectively, answers are not in the past and that the past can only build questions. Our desire of looking for the answers in the past is based in the error of thinking of the future as something uncertain and unknown, upon which we cannot interfere. It is like when Columbus’s fleet appeared in the Caribbean and not one native could see the ships, even though they were on the horizon. And they couldn’t see them because their brains didn’t have the knowledge or experience of what a ship was. Something like this has happened to us concerning our concept of the future: up until relatively a small period of time, nobody had pointed this out with a new perspective, so we kept on looking at the future with a certain fear or uncertainty. Now, the French scientist Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet is who opens up this new perspective of the future, resignifying it with his unfolding theory and the quantum double.

Contra vanguardia garnier.png
""We, like time, also unfold” "

In this manner, while resignifying the future, we are shown the “right” side of the template.

And, what do we find on the right side of the template?

Well, precisely the answers we have been looking for throughout our history. And the paradox of this is the fact that it never occurred to us to go look for the answers in the future, since nobody had shown us that we could “travel” to the future and connect with the answers. It was Garnier who, after discovering and scientifically proving the Doubling of Time Theory, took a step forward. He understood that the human being was a fractal expression of the very Universe. This way, he comes to the conclusion that: the same laws that govern the Universe and its space-time opening are the same that govern the Being, since this is a fractal. And this way the universal laws of the unfolding apply to the human being; if in the Universe time does not exist (present, past and future coexist in an instant), in the Being, time does not exist either. So, same as for the Universe, in the being, the linear concept of time is vanished in an instant, where the three times are interconnected and coexist. Which allows them to “communicate”.

Now lets screen upon the template all this resignificance about the future and the answers in a way that it can be explained in a logical way why the answers lie in the future.

We have seen in the Original Universes and Unfolded Universes article how the separation trauma is induced in our perception and how the original logics came to be inverted logics, literally, meaning: the original universe’s elements are inverted in the unfolded universes.


Let’s look at it like this: we will introduce on purpose an error in the perception of this point of Perfection that is an instant (and what we have also called hiperconvergent point), where answers and questions are integrated conforming an Absolute Truth, the error will be imagining that we can separate that Absolute Truth in questions and answers, and we will formulate the next question: in this instant of Perfection, what came before, questions or answers?

And we will respond taking on the answer’s margin of error. We may say that there were first the answers, in the sense that there was no need to consider any question because the truth kept every question connected to its answer. And that after came the question, the one coming from the abstract observer, that inhabiting that point of Absolute Truth and Perfection, questioned how its universe would be like if it was not perfect. And this way, knowing imperfection, it would recognize its state of perfection. This way, the question is the one separating the Truth from its answer.

Now, while applying the inverted logic from the unfolded universes, such elements (question and answer), opposites and complementary at the time, they will occupy their maximum distortion and polarity on level 1, in an inverted way from the original universes. This way, on the first level line we will set the questions on the left and at the end of the line, the answers, on the right. Therefore, we can observe that if on the original universes there were first the answers and then the questions, in the unfolded universes there are first the questions and then the answers.

Pasado y preguntas.png

This way, questions are situated on the past and to the left and answers are situated on the future and to the right.

And once it has been settled that the questions are set in the past and the answers in the future and to the right, the question is:

And how does the human being communicate with the future?

2. Future and intuition: the maximum future observers


Now that we know that the three times (past, present and future) are interconnected and therefore we can “travel” to the future, the questions are:

What for & how?

We “travel” to the future to connect with the answers

And how?

Garnier explains that a part of us, one he calls our quantum double, is who is in charge of this voyage. This quantum double operates in the unconscious aspect of the person and is in charge of exchanging information with the conscious self. Which is why it is activated while we sleep, because it is in that precise moment when our conscious is away and our unconscious begins to operate. This way, the double connects with the quantum field and with the infinite possibilities of answers upon any given situation. And it tires to select, among all of them, the one that results as the best option for my future. In other words, the double travels to the future and brings the “best answer” for me. This information comes to the consciousness of the person in a way of what we have come to know as intuition, coming as a luck of anticipation respect determined situations.

As for the template, we can observe that, simply by taking consciousness of this new significance of the future, the right side of the template is activated and with it, the maximum future observers. With these observers from the future activated, automatically, the maximum past observers are neutralized, finding an equilibrium point in the present.


3. Derivation to the quantum double


While we sleep, the double connects with the quantum field and with the infinite possibilities of answers upon any given situation and it tries to choose between all of them the one that results as the best option for my future. In other words, the double travels to the future and brings the “best answer” for me.

But, does my quantum double really know what is best for me?

Lets suppose it does. If the double chooses, (since it is he who can travel to the future where the answers are) and it can also distinguish what is best for me. This being said, the double shouldn’t have a margin of error. According to Garnier, this is so. Therefore, the possibility of connecting with our double and ask what we want is offered, but, do we even know what would be best for our future? In the article receivers the essential margin of error in the receivers or common people, was explained. Let us se now who is the double and after we will observe if it has a margin of error or not to decide what is best for us.

Who is the double?

Let’s see. We will start from the simple things, ones we can affirm. At the moment I can affirm that I am a human being with a physical body. So, to start, I recognize that there is a first physical dimension, where I am going to place everything that is physical, material, tangible, including my physical body:

Plano fisico.png

So, at the moment I can assure that I am a physical body. But I am not only physical matter, since, unlike any given object, I can recognize I have feelings. So, apart from the first physical dimension I can also recognize in me a second dimension: the emotional one.

Plano emocional.png

And, apart from having feelings, I can recognize my thoughts, ideas beliefs. This would be a third dimension: the mental one.

Plano mental.png

Can I, then, assure that I am only this? Something physical, emotional and mental? Well then, I still believe I am something more than that, since I can recognize something more within me and that it doesn’t only belong to my body or my mind or my emotions. Some identify it with something they call a soul others simply call it energy. Therefore I can assure that in addition to what was previously said, I am also energy in the strictest sense of the physical science (and without entering in religious or metaphysical connotations, which are included). Well to this other aspect, identified as a soul or energy, we will situate it in a fourth level or dimension. And this fourth level or dimension is that part of me that is expressed in an energetic frequency (see article “unfolded universes” where it is explained how the purpose collapses the energy of the quantum field creating matter). And therefore this fourth dimension is the one that facilitates my communication with the quantum field. This is its function: connecting me to the quantum field.

And, what is the quantum field?

Garnier explains how linear time does not exist. And that present, past and future coexist simultaneously in one same instant. In this instant of no time, past, present and future are connected. And therefore all the infinite future possibilities are in the quantum field. In a way that if I connect with it, I can connect with these future possibilities and choose what the best one for my future is.

And how do I connect with my quantum double?

Through what Garnier called the nocturnal derivation. This way, during the night, in the moment when we are about to fall asleep and go from a conscious state of being to an unconscious state of being, is when the double is activated and “travels” to the future of our possibilities. In a way that this fourth level sets the line between my conscious aspect and my unconscious aspect. The double returns with this information and we awaken to our state of consciousness, in such a way that my day is predetermined: my unconscious fabricated it during the night. During the day this information is filtered and is guiding me in an intuitive manner.

Plano 4 doble.png

And this is why we make this logical link with our unconscious. This way the future ceases to be something that is uncertain and fearful and transforms in to an endlessness of possibilities or answers to choose from.

As a summary, we can obtain something like this:


The next question is: does our quantum double have a margin of error while choosing our best future?

Let’s recall that the only perfect point is situated in the hiperconvergent point. And that starting from that point the unfolding is developed, and with it the margin of error is included:

Receptorpl1 1v2.png

  • The greater the distance and separation in a line, the greater the divergence and therefore the greater margin of error. (We obtain greater discordance, discrepancy).
  • The least distance and separation in a line, the greater convergence and there fore the least margin of error (We obtain greater coincidence, approximation).

Therefore, the line is divergent and has margin of error: on the other hand the point is convergent and has no error.

Now, let’s integrate in the template the representation of the quantum double, that we saw in the section before:

Plantilla garnier.png

Visually, we can observe that on level 4, where we have situated the quantum double is represented with a line, shorter than on level 1. From what we can conclude that if it has a lesser margin of error than that of level one, it still participates on a certain margin of error.

Therefore the quantum double is acting with a margin of error. So, derivation to the double implies delegating into something that has a margin of error.

4. Future and linear purpose


This way, the great contribution Garnier has made is pointing out the future, to be able to re-signify it.

Garnier shows us a future of infinite possibilities/answers and a quantum double that will choose among them the best option: the best future for me. Garnier has spoken about the common person from its three dimensions: physical, mental and emotional. So in a way it reduces the conflicts that we will derivate to the double to its most linear aspect. In other words, he offers the double as a “solution” to our linear problems. This way, we can go to the double to better our job, get a house, solve a conflict in my marriage, etc. but it happens that we have detected, through the template that this quantum double operates with a margin of error

Can this margin of error be corrected?

5. The right’s potentials

🌎🌎 Las respuestas están en el futuro, en la derecha. Las respuestas son potenciales

6. The Earth’s future: To the Sun