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Abstract development:

 Numbers     R19+E5+C3+E5+P17+T21+O16+R19 = 105127,05       
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sum 105: : a logical (5) creation (10)

 Magnifying glass 🔎 127,05: conscient aspect slower: the receiver (1) enabling originals (7) circuits (2); inconscient aspect faster: with a logic (5), abstract (0) potential
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The receptor (1) as a common unfolded being that has established a relationship with the Original Observer, can acceed to a convergent logic through point 0 (0), that is to say, assuming 0 as a potential, will acceed to a new logic version (5).

RECEIVER= R19+E5+C3+E5+I9+V23+E5+R19 = 88106,48

Concrete development:


1. We are receivers living on a lineal level

2. The divergence on lineal levels and the convergence on the point

3. Speed and frequencies

4. From human to unfolded: RO


5. From unfolded to biological aerial: RI


6. From RI to RA: solar consciousness

📌  Key concepts :  level 1 – doubling – error – RO – RI – terminal receiver – biological aerial - derivation - purpose - Earth - Sun

1. We are receivers living on a lineal level

The receiver is the human that transits on a line in the level (space) that we will call axis X, and is sostained by axis Y (time). And axis Y is going to open time lineally (with present, past and future) in level 1. In this space-time context it is where the human receptor develops in a lineal way, its life or tangible reality (expressed universe).

The temporal space sostained by axis Y and axis X

We are going to call this space-time line Axis X or Physical and biological experience Level (level 1):

The receiver moving on the linearity of level 1

As it can be observed, level 1 is a lineal level.

How can we define “lineal”. In geometry, for example, a line is defined as a point in movement on the plane: so that when the point's absolute rest is destructed, the point moves around space, giving origin to the line. Regarding its definition in the dictionary, the RAE defines it as a continued and indefinite succession of points. In both definitions we can observe that the origin of the line is the point. And that also the point carries in an implicit way a trajectory or route that marks the distance or separation in between both points. Henceforth we can affirm that:

  • The line that is projected in this level 1, has to have an origin, and that this origin has to be in a point.
  • The line involves a transit from the receptor, getting wrong (walking and doing mistakes) around this level, from experiences that conform its lineal life.

In such way, this level 1 or physical and biological level is closely linked to the field of experiences. Therefore the human person connects its lineal life to the adventure of living experiences and experimenting emotions. And this would be its proposal in life: to feel emotions in a constant and unsuccessful research of satisfaction, position that keeps him in a totally lineal and specific perspective about what his life is about.

2. The divergence on lineal levels and the convergence on the point

Following with the definition of “line”, we are going to introduce the concepts of convergence and divergence.

According to the RAE dictionary, when two or more lines that deviate one from another successively we are talking about divergents; and when two or more lines tend to join in one point, they are convergent. So “divergence” is about “discordance, discrepancy”, that is to say it implies separation or the tendency to separate; and “convergence” is about “matching, drawing near”, which implies a union or the tendency to get together.

From this information we can conclude that:

  • The bigger the distance and separation in a line, comes to a bigger divergence, wherefore it leades to a bigger margin of error (we obtain discordance, discrepancy).
  • In a minor distance and separation of a line, more convergence, wherefore it reduces any margin for error (we obtain major coincidence, approximation).

The line is divergent and has sources of error; the point (dot) is convergent and is error free

In this way we obtain a range: from the major divergence and error margin (longest line, with a bigger separation between its points) to the major convergence without margin for error (the point at rest). Thereby, at a major distance and separation of the line that draws the level of physical and biological experience, I will obtain a biggest margin of error. That is to say, the more experiences I have in my life, I will have more possibilities of accumulating errors.

3. Velocity and frequencies

In the line, the point has drawn a separation trajectory that expands in a route, generating the Time element; the bigger the length of the line, more time is needed to travel on it. So, its velocity is slower regarding the point, as the point is stopped in this moment and so in it time doesn't exist (all velocity frequencies are integrated in it).

As a matter of fact, the point has a faster frequency concerning the line, that has a slower frequency. We should remember that the origin of the line is a point, and that this one is faster. If we associate velocity to the receiver, we are talking about his capacity of “perception” or observation. This is why when we say that level 1 and its errant receiver have the slowest frequency and the biggest margin of error, as his perception or observation capacity from the velocity that level 1 gives him, will be very slow. However, if this same receiver gets associated to an abstract observer in a level of greater speed, his perception capacity will mutate.

4. From human to unfolded: RO

Three characters exist that proceed in the development of Global Convergent Logical (GCL): the original, the double and the unfolded.

Estoy desdoblado.jpg

The receiver corresponds to the figure of the unfolded.

The human, to be able to activate as a receiver, will have to recognise his condition of unfolded in first term, as a character that travels through the linearity of level one in error, and his rol of the unfolding in the universes.

This will allow the receiver to connect himself to a different purpose, an abstract purpose that moves away from the lineal and particular proposal, based in this satisfaction search through the “experiences”. We call this link derivation that the receiver will do with a non lineal and abstract aspect: abstract logic. The logical link will syncronize the inconscient aspect with the conscient aspect: the lineal and concrete (that exists) with the non lineal and abstract (the previous to all that exists). It is therefore that we are active receivers (we receive “something”: access to Logics) regarding an issuer that “lives” in an abstract point outside existence where time doesn't exist and has a quicker frequency and without a margin of error. This point where everything converges is the Origin or hiperconvergent point.

In this way, a communication circuit is established, where the receptor's role that passes through the line in the slowest level, will be to explore his experiences and all the error margins; and the role of the original abstract Emisor, who has a bigger velocity, is to inform and develop the logic links in the receiver that enable him to twist or link his errors. From this new point of view, the receiver will be able to connect to an abstract purpose that will resignify the purpose in his life; the one to generate awareness through his experiences.

We will say that the slow receiver's frequency is one (1) and that he lives in level 1, and the frequency from this rapid issuer is seven (7), as he lives in a point that we refer to as level 7 or hiperconvergent point.

So, even though they refer to the same element and sometimes they are used indistinctly, we can mitigate the human or common person concepts, receiver and unfolded. Common person is used to refer to the human being that ignores his role in the unfolding; unfolded (RO) to the human being who recognizes his condition and role in the unfolding of the universes and receiver (RI) to the unfolded who activates and enables his role of receptor.

Through derivations, the receiver recognizes his condition of unfolded and connects to an abstract point outside existence (hiperconvergent), activating a communication system of an Original Observer who will act as an Issuer

5. From unfolded to biological aerial: RI

6. From RI to RA: solar consciousness

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