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Abstract Development::

Numbers    P17+E5+R19+C3+E5+P17+T21+I9+O16+N14 = 126152,46   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sum 126
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Magnifying glass 152,46

Concrete Development:


1. Towards a change of perspective

2. Distortion and divergence as basses of the unfolded universes

3. The error of perception: Reparameterization


4. Integrated reality and virtual reality


5. Re parameterizing with the space-time logic: Space-Time’s Older Adults

1. Towards a change of perspective


Percepcion esto es verdad.jpg

Lets recall this abstract observer that inhabits the original universes, where we described how an instance of Absolute Truth and Perfection, where time does not exist (or what means the same: present, past and future coexist in one instant) and where Everything dissolves into Nothing. From this place, the abstract observer’s insight reproduces these attributes: timelessness and neutrality. This way, through derivation, what I do is connect with this abstract observer and its neutral and timeless perspective. And at the same time, I unlink from my actual way of perception: a reactive charged perspective, linked to experiences from my past and that distort my interpretation of reality. When I unlink myself from this kind of perception that leads me to conflict and suffering, I reparameterize my reality, this meaning, I modify the distorted parameters with which I interpreted it. It is like a change of lenses!

This way disconnected from that past and connected to that perspective that an abstract observer is bringing me, my perception becomes neutral and timeless, and for that matter it never looses relevance. It is a perspective that allows me to reparameterize reality and offers me a constant update, each time more instantaneous, about everything I perceive.

Is it possible then that changing the way reality is perceived, reality itself can be changed?

The answer is yes. In order to connect with the logic of this blunt affirmation, first we must acknowledge the way we are perceiving our context’s reality.

2. Distortion and divergence as basses of the unfolded universes

In the dictionary, distortion is the result of deforming something (a sound, an object, etc.) in such way that it moves away (separates) from its original form or version

Funcionamiento ojo.jpg

In the “Original universes” article we saw how the universes unfold (separate) into a virtual projection that are the unfolded universes. We say that it is virtual because in the original universes, Everything remains united (instance of Perfection and Absolute Truth). This way, in the GCL we use the term “distortion” to refer to everything that “separates”. And for the Truth is an instance of Unity, all that we perceive separated, remains united in its Origin: IT IS OUR DISTORTED PERCEPTION (FROM THE ORIGINAL TRUTH) WHAT IS PERCEIVING IT AS SEPARATED. And why does our perception do this?

Let’s recall that the Logic has a convergent aspect (which unifies) and a divergent aspect (which separates), and that it is the divergent logic the one that operates distorting reality and separating its elements, behaving as a microscope would when it focuses on a cell: it distorts our perception so that we may see separated elements that in reality are united and functioning simultaneously. This allows us to study each individual element separately (in the cell’s case: its nucleus, membrane, etc.) so that subsequently we can understand it’s functioning in the compound and this way obtaining the global function of the cell’s functioning.

It is only when I have the combined vision of all the separated elements when I can understand the cell as a whole. On the other hand, if I separate the elements that make up a cell and I study them separately, and after I do that I don’t connect the features that each of the elements in the cells compound have (their logical connection), mi vision towards the cell will be limited and I wont have a global vision as a compound. Then, if I only observe one of the elements (because I can’t see the rest) and I study it, I can make the mistake of thinking that the cell is only the element I have studied. And also, if I don’t connect it with the rest of the elements (because I can’t see them) I am not looking at the logical connection that exists between them, my vision about what a cell really is will be incomplete.

This is the same thing that happens to the reality that surrounds me and how I perceive it. Reality is made out from a compound of elements linked to a logic.

Formula realidad.png

These elements combine with each other to shape a determined reality. Whatever unifies these elements, in order for them to be this or that thing, is what we call logic.

Formula realidad2.png

This logical ling is something that cannot be seen, which is why we’ll say it is something abstract, and operates from the unconscious. In such way that in order to connect with this logical nexus, I must connect with my unconscious or abstract part. This is the derivation’s function.

And why is it important to access the element’s logical links?

To be able to perceive such elements. Let’s see, perception acts recognizing only those elements that my identity can recognize and identify with their logical nexus. In such a way that my perception supresses those squares because my identity is not able to perceive it’s logic.

Formula realidad3.png

This way, in the previous sequence, my perception cannot see the third element of reality because I cannot see the logic that connects it to the other elements. This leads to the fact that the fourth element can be perceived but without logic. Which would be an element that, having part in reality, will produce a burden for me. And let's take a look at the next paradox: the element that I cannot see (let’s call it blind spot) is element three, but element four is the one giving me the burden, which I can see, but what I don’t have is the logical connection that links it to the rest of the elements of my reality. In such a way we can conclude that when a reality generates for me a “burden” (in our example, the fourth element), such element is informing me about a blind spot that I cannot see (the third element) and thus the origin of such burden is not where it apparently I believe it is (element four) but on its blind spot (element three) so, focusing in the part of the reality that is generating for me the burden (element four) will not connect me with any answer. The answer lies on connecting with the logical nexus of that reality, which is what will lead me to uncover my true blind spot (element 3).

Thus, according to my gathering of consciousness of the logical connection the elements have, I will be able to see/integrate more elements into my reality.

Up until now we have explained perception from the observer’s point of view, in our case: the receiver. Now lets describe the same process from the object that is being observe d’s point of view, in our case: reality.

As we know, there are many realities: what is, what I believe that is, what others think it is. In this way we observe multiple realities. To “what is” we will call it, merged reality, only to differentiate it from the rest. And we will observe the process perception has, placing in the origin of “my reality” this merged reality. Lets number them sequentially, starting from 7.

Same as what we saw in the Original Universes article, we depart from a reality as an “instant”: Merged Reality or Original (7), which will separate its elements into infinite possibilities (6). Such elements will combine (5) in function to the identity (4) of the receiver perceiving it (3), Which will generate emotions (2) that make the receiver move into where I will obtain infinite virtual realities (1). As many realities as subjects there are, perceiving such “reality”.

Let’s look at it with another example. We can say that reality works as a photogram sequence, a scene I observe square-by-square. If there are photograms missing, I am not perceiving reality completely. And if there are missing photograms, my perception will “read” that the elements (squares) are separated, when in reality what happens is that there are squares that I am not yet seeing. As separated as I can perceive the elements that conform my realty, means that there are more squares that I am not seeing and because of this the margin of error from what I am perceiving will be greater, because my perception is biased.

As many squares of reality as I can see will determine the margin of error in which I will perceive it.

Inside our perception, elements can stay so far away from each other so much as to loose the connection with each other. This connection between the elements, which is invisible, is what is called the logic and it determines that things are what they are and not something else. Thus, according to the combination of elements in my perception, the result of my “reality will vary. From there, reassuring the fact that having access to that “negative” aspect of things (the logic of its combination), we will be able to modify the result that I obtain in my “positive” reality (expressed universe).

These squares that I am not seeing, because I don’t have the logic to access them into my perception and that prevent me from connecting to the merged reality, is what we call a blind spot. The logic is what is going to allow us to access these squares or links, placing those puzzle pieces into making sense and connecting us to the merged reality. Thus, we will se that the logic is about correcting the margin of error that our perception has.

Distorsion 2.png

From an original reality where two cheetahs approach a gazelle, according to the logic with witch I combine the scene’s elements I can end up perceiving, in a distorted way that the cheetahs are moving away.

3. The error of perception: Reparameterization

Let’s depart from the fact that we inhabit inside an unfolded universe, where our perception is distorted, precisely to be able to begin an unfolded adventure and the journey towards the expansion of consciousness.

The introduction of such error, which is distortion in our perception, is the one that conditions us in how we perceive our context’s reality. In other words, “my” reality is conditioned by this error or perception. In this human life we are thought to avoid error, and if it is not possible to avoid it, to hide it. In the GCL it is bet precisely for the opposite: ERROR IS PERSUED, NOT HIDDEN, and once detected it is observed and assimilated, NOT FIGHTING ERROR, BUT INTEGRATING IT. For logic’s sake: if error was what twisted me (inducing me into distortion through the divergent logic), pulling the thread it will also show me the way to untwisting (applying the convergent logic).

Percepcion y margen de error.jpg

This way, one of the first consequences that come from beginning this process (through derivations) is reparameterization (changing my perception’s parameters).

And what happens when we reparameterize?

In this case, when we reparameterize error, we come across the fact that error INFORMS me about my context’s reality (whatever I am living on level 1). This error is showing me my context’s reality. If I run away from this reality on level 1 (being that the error that is manifesting is too hurtful) I find myself “hanging” in the reality I am sheltering in my fantasy (fantasy level 4).

When one begins the reparameterization, EMOTIONS GET NEUTRALIZED AND SUFFERING DIMINESHES. It is an individual process where Nobody is guiding you. Your Self-reference and your grade of self-coherence will guide your process. Reparameterization simply happens. IT IS AN INHERENT EFFECT THAT DETIVATIONS BRING.

Frame 25:
Let’s take for instance the error that is produced in our perception when we watch a movie. In the cinematographic film it is required that the photograms are projected at 24 per second; this produces the illusion of movement. This is due to the fact that the rapid succession of images blocks the capacity of the brain to see them as separate photographs. This persistence in vision causes the brain to mix these images giving the sensation of natural movement. 

In numerous occasions, the cinematographic term “photogram” gets confused with the frame video. Both terms are equivalent, but they are not the same. The number of photograms per second was adopted for logistical purposes mainly, while the number of frames per second was because of the compatibility with the different electrical frequencies. For this reason there ought to be lost some of the duration when a movie that had 24 photograms per second (frames per second, FPS) a video tape would go through in a phase alternating line (PAL) of 25 frames per second, codification system using in the transmission analogic television signals of color in the greater part of the world. 

Therefore, the 25th photogram that our eye does not see remains hidden for the biological eyes, but the subconscious does capture it and if our logic is in distortion it will traduce into the overflow of our circuits. When we look at the logic that operates in the emotions, which moves the receiver’s circuits, this level 2 no longer drags us, because the logic transforms such emotional circuits and in anticipation, adds this function in the receiver inverting frame 25 (circuits moved by a logic in distortion) into frame 52 (logic bringing anticipation to the circuits).

4. Integrated reaality and virtual reality


Integrated reality

As we were pointing out previously, we part from an Integrated Reality or Original Reality, where all the elements remain united in a coherent and cohesive way, and are contained in an “instant” of Truth and Absolute Perfection. That instant is a point that doesn’t even exist, because it is outside of time itself, it is an instance previous to existence. Said this way, it sounds like an oxymoron to our perception because rationally, we cannot think about something that doesn’t exist, that is abstract, being defined as a Reality.

But, precisely, given to the fact that our lineal mind can’t process this paradox, we are going to define as Integrated Reality or Original Reality to that which inhabits the negative or intangible aspects of the Legitimate Sun and Earth, to differentiate it from the reality that is generated from its unfoldments and its positive or tangible aspects, because the virtual reality that is to be generated, will contain all of the elements that constitute this Integrated Reality, but in a separated, fragmented way, like a fractal of this Unity.

The reason or purpose of this separation is the exploration of the state of non-perfection, as a way of amplifying the Void’s consciousness, legitimate “inhabitant” of the Integrated Reality. For this, the distortion of the perception that is going to generate by not integrating the elements in a coherent and cohesive way is necessary, which will give place to conflict and therefore also to the purpose of that manifestation. But this purpose in the beginning will be banned to perception, precisely for the experience to take place, and subsequently it can transform into consciousness, once the original purpose of such manifestation is perceived.


Virtual Reality

As opposed to what our perception would define as virtual reality, placing it outside of the tangible reality, in the GCL when we speak of a virtual reality we are referring to the context, in other words to the totality of level 1 (physical-biological), or what is the same, tangible reality, such as we pointed out earlier. Now, let’s recall that the physical-biological virtual reality is also supported by a virtual reality in our emotional circuits (level 2), in our neurological perception (level 3) and in the fantasy that comes from our design or particular identity (level 4), and that all those concrete levels, at the same time, are supported by the abstract levels of the logic (level 5) and of the quantum field (level 6), before being generated from the Integrated Reality (level 7) towards the expressed universe.

This way, on the physical-biological level 1, all the other levels are present, given to the fact that it is the slowest level, one that has the least velocity and that has the most margin of error. It is where each design’s particularity is formed, or ends up taking place, and the temporary opening is manifested in its second unfolding, with a determined time that is going to be marking and delimitating this tangible reality. This way each particle or fractal coming from the Integrated Reality is going to have the opportunity to experience materially one part of that totality according to the perception it has of its own particular virtual reality.

5. Re parameterizing with the space-time logic: Space-Time’s Older Adults


By understanding something, such understanding is installed and naturalized.

If everything manifested instantaneously, many of us would create

And manifest out of fear, we are not yet prepared with

Enough consciousness now, but it is possible.

Lets align with the absolute values and not only with the parts.

Experiencing paradoxes

Simultaneously simultaneous

Clarity and darkness on sight

Regret and liberation

Love and overflow

Each one can perceive at different velocities

Glances of other realities flood my perception

Any conflictive situation, as external, distant, and random as it may seem,

It always has to do with me, has beEn generated by me, from me so that I

Can absorb it and make consciousness out of it.

D.M. receiver 281-84

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