Original universes

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Abstract Development:

Numbers:    O16+R19+I9+G7+I9+N14+A1+L12+U22+N14+I9+V23+E5+R19+S20+E5+S20 = 224271,04       
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sum 224: The totality of the circuits (22) in point zero (0), or Y-axis of being, in function to the design (4)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Lupa 271,04: Slower conscious aspect: Circuits (2) for the hyper abstract point (7) or original circuits for the receiver (1); Faster unconscious aspect: Point zero (0) in the design (4)

Concrete Development:


1. The purpose for the Original Universes: The expansion of consciousness and the logic

2. The Unfolding: from original universes, to unfold universes

3. The purpose for unfolded universes: Existence and energy

4. Original logic and inverted logic


5. Original Universes 3-2 and Unfolded Universes 2-3

6. Base 12 Universe and base 21 Universe

7. Base 30 Universe: The 3 characters


8. The Solar System as an unfolding: Sun- Earth

1. The Purpose for the Original Universes: The Expansion of consciousness and the Logic

Fragment from the book “What The Bleep Do We Know?!:"

"Scientists have always considered matter as the maximum expression of what is static and predictable. From all the space there is inside atoms and molecules, particles are a minimum part of the volume of such atom or molecule, the fundamental particles. The rest is emptiness, it seems to be that particles appear and disappear all the time. Where do they go when they are not here?

More likely we have to recognize that even the material world that surrounds us, chairs, tables, rooms, rugs, even the camera, are nothing more than possible movements of consciousness. And I choose in every moment one of those movements so that my real experience can manifest. Quantum physics states this very clearly: According to Heisenberg, co-discoverer of quantum physics, atoms are not things; but tendencies. Quantum physics just calculates possibilities. But if we accept this, we immediately ask ourselves this: Who or what chooses these possibilities which will be the experience itself?"

Describing what the Original Universes are is no easy task. Three issues can bring us close to a definition:

  • What do we refer to when we say “universes”? When we think about a “universe”, we tend to imagine an ensemble of stars, planets, etc. over a blue background at night. This would be the tangible and concrete aspect of a universe. But there is another aspect, that we cannot se, more intangible and abstract: the one that defines the Universe as a version of elements that stay united in coherence (with a logic). This technical definition alludes to certain qualities (intangible and abstract) of the Universe that constitutes it as something perfect: The integrity, coherence, and cohesiveness with all its elements.

  • Why do we say that they are original? Because we are alluding to the aspect of the Universe from which everything has ben originated. And how can we describe this Origin-Universe? We simply can’t, no one has ever seen it or touched it (it is intangible)… we can’t even imagine it with a faint certainty how it is. We can only say for sure that it is something ‘abstract’. So we are going to make our reference to it as an abstract point, where all the elements stay united in a coherent and cohesive way, in an Absolute Truth and Perfection instance. We may also add that original universe is to be an instance which is prior to existence, because it is the Origin of Everything that exists or has been created.

  • And why do we speak of universes in plural? Only because we are unaware of the number of universes there are; one, five or infinite. When we speak of universe we are referring to one version of universe. In all case, what we do know is that its structure is from a fractal type, which is why the result will be the same. So we can reference ourselves, in plural, to as many original universes as expressed universes there are. Or, as well, allude to the Universe-Origin or Original, in singular, as the one and only Origin of all the Universes (original and expressed).

Before, we have referred to the Original Universes as an instance of Perfection. And if it is an instant we can say that there, there is no time (because past, present and future coexist inside that instant). And without time, Nothing exists, because being in an equilibrium and absolute perfection state that integrates All of its elements, these dissolve inside the Nothingness. This is why it is Everything and Nothing simultaneously. It is the Absolute Nothingness, an abstract point that is outside of the tangible existence (because it is who has created it) and this is why it has no outside reference, it is an instance, which is completely self-referent. And why is it self-referent? Because integrating everything, it is including every question and every answer, which is why every conflict fades inside that instant where question and answer find each other. All of the Truth is in it and it doesn’t need to go find any answer outside. It is completely self-referent. The Convergent Logic is what keeps in perfect equilibrium this union of Absolute Truth.

Point of Absolute Truth and Unity, in perfect equilibrium state. It is a non-existent point

Now, this perfection quality of the original universes has a ‘problem’. And it is that ‘perfection’ cannot expand its own consciousness, because how can the universe have consciousness of its perfection if it has not yet experienced what imperfection is?

Let’s make an assumption. Let’s imagine that there is an Original Universe, where the laws of convergent logic keep this quality of perfection: all its elements (inclusiveness) keep unified (cohesiveness) in total coherence and equilibrium (integrity). Now let’s imagine that in this abstract universe ‘lives’ a kind of being that has the capacity to self observe, we will call it the abstract observer. This Being observes around and there is only Perfection. Then is when it begins to ask abstract (logical) questions abut its perfect condition and how its universe would be if it wasn’t perfect. And because the condition of its Universe is the absolute perfection, it can only gain consciousness of its perfection knowing previously what imperfection is. This is how a purpose is born in this Being or Original Essence: Which will come to be, knowing itself to expand its consciousness.

Question and answer open space-time, and simultaneously, past, present and future coexist in one instant (Abstract Observer).

And the consciousness of a perfect universe can only be expanded acknowledging imperfection. But, how can something that has the quality of perfection, know imperfection? For a perfect universe, ceasing to be perfect is impossible. This is why it would have to generate a kind of “self-inflicted trap”, it is going to “fabricate” a dimension where imperfection can be introduced (mistakes) and this way, explore it. We mean to say, the original universe is going to “unfold” into a virtual universe (unfolded universe) where perfection does not exist. In this unfolded universe, imperfection and error are going to govern, so that they can be explored. This is how the Original Universe creates unfolded universes; to explore the hypothesis of how it would be like if it was not perfect.

The Original Universes open up space-time to create the unfolded universes

This is how the Void acquires and expands its own consciousness: creating unfolded versions of the original (unfolded universes) and taking consciousness of each and every one of these particular versions where error is to be experimented, so that eventually they are returned and integrated into the Nothing/Everything (return path to the Origin).

Therefore, the original universes have a purpose; which is acquiring and expanding its own consciousness (original purpose).

This is how the logical question that the abstract Observer asked itself, about the origin of its perfect universe, is going to fund error and create the seven planes of the unfolding. We are going to use a template or a grid to represent it, where this abstract point of Truth is going to called plane 7 and the furthest plane from this perfection is going to be called plane 1 (experience or existence plane), which is where elements will experience the most separation and margin of error. This impulse of asking questions turns it in to an Issuer or Emissary (issuing questions) regarding to a plane or level (the one existing) that will bring answers to its questions.

The grid or template and the seven unfolded levels

Voyds analogy.jpg

2. The Unfolding: from original universes, to unfold universes

Let’s take a look at how that Original Universe develops into to an unfolded one. Let’s go back to that Being or Original Observer that, with the purpose of expanding its own consciousness, decides, on purpose, to separate the elements that are united in perfect equilibrium in its Original Universe, and open up a space-time, to generate a level or dimension where it can explore each and every one of the elements separately and all its possibilities of expression (level of experience or tangible existence).

The Original Universes create Unfolded Universes to expand consciousness.

Before the impossibility of ceasing to be perfect and with the concern of experimenting what imperfection is, the Original Universes are going to use its law’s functioning logic, but in reverse. This way, the convergent logic, which is the one that kept the elements unified in a perfection state and equilibrium, comes to operate in an inverted sense: as a divergent logic. This is going to allow the separation of the perfection and equilibrium into multiple elements or possibilities to be experimented in a virtual reality where these elements perceive themselves as separated one from the other, regardless that in their origin (that abstract point) are still united. This separation (that is not real) is going to proceed in a “traumatic” way in that element or future possibility of existence, that now perceives itself as disconnected from its source or origin and “feels” as if it has lost its perfection even though it can’t stop desiring it. This way, the installed trauma in its perception is going to allow this to unfold.

The unfolded universes: from perfection to trauma, in order to experience the greatest separation, the logics are inverted.

Also, this instant, or point of perfection is going to unfold into a lineal time (with, present, past and future) and a concrete space or virtual reality (what we know as tangible existence or creation) where it can experience the error of perceiving the elements separately. This is what we call the temporary opening and unfolding of space-time.

Now, the Absolute Truth extent (plane 7), that remained united in an instant of absolute perfection, induces the separation trauma into its element’s perception. This way it unfolds into opposites (7 and 7) that will go express and experience it’s maximum polarity at the existence level (plane 1).

Let’s observe how the Universe unfolds: this extent of Absolute Truth (that has all the questions and knows all the answers in perfect coherence and cohesion) is going to separate (unfold) the questions (7) and the answers (7). This separation is not real (now that Perfection cannot cease to be perfect), but the result of altering or distorting the element’s perception that integrate the Truth’s extent. These elements, that disconnect from the original universes’ logic, are going to have to go down into level 1, which is the place furthest from perfection and thus where question and answer are further apart from each other. As far away as the question is from the answer, the margin of error that gets experimented will be greater. This way, Existence gets established upon an error (of perception that the elements believe they are separated from the Origin), and imperfection (put that answers and questions have moved away).

And the same thing will happen with the rest of the elements that remain united in the Absolute Truth extent, that will also unfold and experience its greater separation and attraction on level 1: feminine principle-masculine principle, water-fire, magnetic-electric, past-future, left-right, black-white, etc. And if they have been separated, why should they experience attraction? Because regardless of their distortion, in an unconscious level they recognize themselves united originally. This is why opposites look for and attract each other on level 1.

From an intangible universe or negative (original universe) results a tangible or positive (unfolded universe), that is to say, an already “expressed” universe. Therefore the logic will be what is “behind” this unfolded universe (in the backroom), articulating this virtual reality to make it possible.

3. The unfolded universe’s purpose: existence and energy

We have seen that the original universes have an original purpose, which is to acquire and expand its own consciousness of perfection. And for this, they create unfolded universes, where they can experience imperfection. If the purpose of the original universes is linked to their condition of perfection, the unfolded universes’ purpose will be linked to its condition of imperfection. Thus why, in the unfolded universes, the “original purpose” (from the original universes) will be inverted, literally, and will be perverted. This is what we will call inverted logics.

But first let’s go back to that abstract Observer, inhabiting in an absolute perfection extent (original universe), where logic keeps its elements united. And let’s remember how it began to ask itself “logical” questions about its perfect universe. We see that it was first an impulsive purpose of expanding its consciousness, getting to know imperfection. And as a consequence of such concern, existence was generated (the creation of unfolded universes) with the purpose of exploring error. In other words, in the original universe, which is where logic was generated, there was first Purpose, and then there was Existence.

And how is Existence generated? First, in order to create an unfolded universe (tangible), dense matter should be generated. For this, the abstract Observer takes the energy field that surrounds the perfect extent it inhabits. Energy collapses with information (purpose) and this is how matter is generated, which will be used to create a tangible existence. In order for this to happen, the elements that are integrating the perfection point have to un-link from their logic, which is what is keeping them united and self-referent, so that they can allow their separation or unfolding. And without connection to the convergent logic and original purpose, elements can only connect with the energy field, which is what is generating a tangible Existence (existence level). This is why in Existence (unfolded universes) it is Energy reigning and not Logic: The original universes’ logic is reversed.

Now, in the unfolded universes, without a logical connection with an original purpose, existence itself will turn into the Purpose: the purpose will become its own existence (its only purpose is to exist and stay alive). It is about, now, an energetic purpose (because existence is energy), and not logic. With that in mind, inside the unfolded universes, which is where Energy governs, Existence comes first, then Purpose.

This way, we can conclude that in the original Universes, the purpose is logical (intangible and abstract) and in the unfolded universes, the purpose is energetic (tangible and concrete existence), now that they are disconnected from their original purpose.

The Original Universes grant a determined time to the unfolded universes to conclude this exploratory process. This way the logical questions from the Original Observer establish the logical planes or levels so that they can develop inside the unfolding; and the energetic questions from the elements in distortion keep space-time open in order to explore in level 1 their greatest separation (and for that matter the greatest margin of error). When elements take on their unfolding, they initiate the pathway back to the Origin, to recover their connection with the convergent logic and original purpose, which will allow them to get out from the distortion generated from the unfolding. When this time that the unfolded universes have to explore error concludes and the temporary opening closes, space-time collapses. Then, elements that were experiencing their greatest separation will find each other.

4. Lógicas originales y lógicas inversas

The template will allow us to reference to any of the elements and observe their unfolding logic, and how such logic is inverted. We have seen this before regarding the elements Purpose (intangible and abstract) and Existence (tangible and concrete):

- In Original Universes: Purpose-Existence

- In Unfolded Universes: Existence-Purpose

Lets go on observing how logics get reversed with the rest of the elements, following the template’s scheme: PERFECTION →TRAUMA →UNFOLDING →EXISTENCE. We’ll do the same thing, referencing on the template the elements Question and Answer.

In the Original Universes, purpose is prior to existence and answers were prior to questions; in unfolded universes, existence is prior to purpose and questions are prior to answers

We have seen that in the Original Universe, Purpose is prior to Existence, and that Purpose establishes itself in an absolute integrity instance, completely self-referent. It is self-referent because it is an instance of Absolute Truth, Questions and Answers merge and therefore vanish: there is only Truth (an instance of perfection).

Let’s go back to the abstract Observer that decides, on purpose, to introduce error in the element’s perception that integrates it, making them enter a distortion (TRAUMA).

We could say something like the Absolute Truth “first” disposes of all the answers and that having all the answers “then” it begins to state itself the questions, about its universe, creating a virtual separation (that is not real) between Questions and Answers. Which is why we observe that, in this instance-instant that conforms the Original Universes, answers were “before” questions, and that questions emerged “later”. It is important to remember that an instant is an instant and that this slowdown in a sequence is NOT REAL, because it is a part of the distortion of the elements (that begin to perceive themselves distortedly as separated).

This way, in the Original Universes the Answers, along with the purpose, are prior to Existence and to Questions.

Let’s recall that in the unfolded universes, there is a disconnection with the original purpose and logic, in other words, with the integral and coherent union of Question-Answer that conform the Absolute Truth. It has lost, therefore, its self-reference (UNFOLDING).

This is why in the unfolded universes it is energy that governs and not logic. And without a connection with the convergent logic (and its original purpose) elements can only connect with the energy (existence-experience). They have lost their self-reference. This way they make Existence the very Purpose: being alive (survival: first phase of life on earth) comes to be the purpose of their existence. Such elements disconnect from the Abstract Observer, and the questions cease to be logical and come to be energetic, and a first observer is created that is connected to the experience to which the questions are directed to. Such disconnection Question-Answer will make the element search for the answers “outside” (external reference).

Unlike the Abstract Observer, who’s Questions and Answers were logical; the observer connected to experience can only offer energetic questions and answers and not logical. And what is the difference between a logical question-answer to an energetic question-answer? That only the first are connected with the instance of Absolute Truth of the Original Universes, since they take part from logic; on the other hand, the energetic questions-answers connect with the distortion that comes from the unfolded universes because they are lacking from logic.

The energetic questions (related to experience) push elements into searching answers in the experience field, which will generate suffering. So we can probably describe suffering as the result of the friction between logics; the universal logic from the original universes and the exploratory logic from every particular element, that in the unfolded universes is perceived as separated.

This is why in the unfolded universes, Purpose and Existence are inverted: first comes Existence and then Purpose, which is no longer the original purpose (the one that had to do with consciousness) but also comes to be energetic, because survival comes first inside a distorted Existence.

And the same thing will happen with the rest of the elements: inside the unfolding, their logics are going to get inverted.

En los universos desdoblados: de la perfección al trauma, para poder experimentar la mayor separación. Las lógicas se invierten.

5. Original Universes 3-2 and Unfolded Universes 2-3

The difference between original universes and unfolded universes is the Logic in which they each operate. In the Original Universes governs the original or convergent logic. In the Original Universes, the original logic is inverted: this inverted logic or divergent, governs.

From the Abstract Observer (7), that inhabits the Original Universes, it is “read” from above: 3-2; from the concrete receiver (1), that inhabits the unfolded universes, it is “read” from below: 2-3

Original logics and inverted logics happen in a dynamic movement creating a kind of beat where the convergent logic is what keeps elements united in a state of perfect equilibrium and absolute truth, and divergent logic will propitiate the separation of such elements to be able to open space-time. So the universes will have to use their logic, but in an invert way (divergent), to be able to separate the elements. Divergent logic separates elements that will screen in the tangible universe in an inverted way regarding the original universes from where they come from. This is important, now that this will give place to the elements of the original universes, along with their original purpose, to be inverted and get confused inside the unfolded universes, creating error and distortion.

Desde el Observador Abstracto (7), que habita en los Universos originales, se "lee" desde arriba: 3-2; desde el receptor concreto (1), que habita en los universos desdoblados, se "lee" desde abajo: 2-3

6. Base 12 Universe and base 21 Universe

7. Base 30 Universe: The three characters

8. The solar system as a Sun-Earth unfolding.

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