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The Logic in 21 articles is an approach towards Global Convergent Logic, through the contents published in Wikil贸gica. It is useful for those who don't know where to start or for those who simply want to sort out their concepts, as it provides a logical structure that allows for the gradual and progressive integration of these concepts.

Let's see what logic is behind this route:

We start from 21 basic concepts, which serve as our backbone to undertake this journey and obtain a global vision of Convergent Global Logic.

article 1 - Global Convergent Logicarticle 2 - Original universesartículo 3 - Perceptionarticle 4 - Receiverartículo 5 - Resignifying the past: Hamer’s markers and the biological unconsciousartículo 6 - Resignifying the Future: The unfolding and Garnier’s quantum doubleartículo 7 - Resignifying the present: The template and Alejandra Casadoartículo 8 - Plantillaartículo 9 - Punto 0artículo 10 - Plano 1artículo 11 - Plano 2artículo 12 - Plano 3artículo 13 - Plano 4artículo 14 - Plano 5artículo 15 - Plano 6artículo 16 - Plano 7artículo 17 - Plano 8artículo 18 - Plano 9artículo 19 - Plano 10artículo 20 - Plano 11artículo 21 - Plano 12LGC21.png

Each of these articles delves into a concept at different levels. This makes it possible to integrate in the same article the new space-time concepts that are emerging, which in turn will be linked to new articles. Thus offering interconnected access and vision.

We are working with up to 6 depth levels, represented by Earths and Suns

Level 1:馃寧馃寫馃寫馃寫馃寫馃寫

Level 2:馃寧馃實馃寫馃寫馃寫馃寫

Level 3:馃寧馃實馃審馃寫馃寫馃寫

Level 4:馃寧馃實馃審馃尀馃寫馃寫

Level 5:馃寧馃實馃審馃尀馃尀馃寫

Level 6:馃寧馃實馃審馃尀馃尀馃尀

Without strictness and merely for guidance, we can claim that:

  • Level 1 (2012-2013): 馃寧馃寫馃寫馃寫馃寫馃寫

The concepts that were introduced from the beginning of this development, from 2012 to 2013. Among other concepts: unfolding, template, plans, derivation, etc. Concepts that allow us to identify the common person as a receptor.

  • Level 2 (2013-2014): 馃寧馃實馃寫馃寫馃寫馃寫

Once recognized as receptors, we begin to locate ourselves in space-time. This is how the concepts of MAP (space) and Calendar (time) appear, which are re-signified with Logic. With this, frequencies and numbers begin to report together with the letters. At this level, space-time is included: receptors are located in space-time.

  • Level 3 (2014-2015): 馃寧馃實馃審馃寫馃寫馃寫

At this level we assume the space-time location of the receptor, in reference to planet Earth. Thus, we observe how the Calendaria spatially-temporarily relates the receptor with planet Earth: the geographic coordinates NW, NE, SW, SE (NO, NE, SO, SE on Spanish) give us a new perspective of the MAP. At this level, Earth is included: the receptors are space-timely located in reference to planet Earth.

  • Level 4 (2016-2017): 馃寧馃實馃審馃尀馃寫馃寫

At this level we assume the spatial-temporal location of the receiver, in reference to the Earth and the Sun. We understand the receptor functioning as a biological antenna for the Earth and thus its effect on the Sun. Concepts such as legit, solar consciousness, negative Earth, etc. open the Calendaria to us. At this level, the Sun is included: the perspective is broadened and the receptors are placed spatially-temporarily in reference to the solar system.

(Levels 5 and 6 will be developed shortly)

This way we can observe how a concept has been resignified and enriched, integrating more and more meanings over the years.

On the other hand, you're likely to start reading an article and as you go deeper into the next level you'll find that you're missing elements to understand and/or integrate what you want to explain. If that is your case, we invite you to make a "radial" reading of the Logic in 21 articles.

Radial Reading of the Logic in 21 articles

The peculiarity of this method is that we propose that its reading is not carried out in a sequentially linear way (article 1 + article 2 + article 3 + article 4, etc.), but we invite you to make a radial reading of these 21 articles, since they have been put together following a "radial" logic, which facilitates their understanding in a progressive and gradual way.

Thus, you can read all 21 articles, but only up to the first level. That is to say: Article 1 (up to first level) + Article 2 (up to first level) + Article 3 (up to first level)... and so on up to Article 21 (up to first level).

After doing this first round reading the 21 articles up to their first level, we go on to the second round reading the second level of the 21 articles.

Thus, the reading converges with the logic with which they have been armed. So by reading a full level of the 21 articles, the necessary space-time notions appear that will allow you to assimilate the next level of depth. The NO- hurry will be a great friend on this tour, as it will lead you precisely where you want to go.

Lectura 21.png

This completes the tour of the 21 articles.

At Wikil贸gica we keep uploading articles and opening concepts slowly, so surely you will not be late in reaching us, so we remind you that you can upload definitions, images, etc... even an empty concept for another user of the Wikil贸gica to complete it. Any concept or notion that you consider can clarify some content, send it to us, or simply by sending the request to <wikil贸gica.quierocolaborar@gmail.com>

1. L贸gica Global Convergente o LGCGlobal Convergent Logic or GCL

2. Universos originales y Universos desdoblados - Original universes and unfolded universes

3. Percepci贸n - Perception

4. Receptor - Receiver

5. Resignificando el Pasado: Marcadores de Hamer e inconsciente biol贸gico - Resignifying the Past: Hamer鈥檚 Markers and Biological Unconsciousness

6. Resignificando el Futuro: Doble cu谩ntico de Garnier - Resignifying the Future: Garnier's Double Quantum

7. Resignificando el Presente: la Plantilla y Alejandra Casado - Resigning the Present: The Template and Alejandra Casado

8. Plantilla - Template

9. Punto 0 鈥 Point 0

10. Plano 1 鈥 Plane 1

11. Plano 2 鈥 Plane 2

12. Plano 3 鈥 Plane 3

13. Plano 4 鈥 Plane 4

14. Plano 5 鈥 Plane 5

15. Plano 6 鈥 Plane 6

16. Plano 7 鈥 Plane 7

17. Plano 8 鈥 Plane 8

18. Plano 9 鈥 Plane 9

19. Plano 10 鈥 Plane 10

20. Plano 11 鈥 Plane 11

21. Plano 12 鈥 Plane 12

And after the 21 articles, WHAT?

If after exploring the 21 articles you don't find a route of your own, you can continue your journey through the thematic index (in the menu on the left side) with the following proposal:


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