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Abstract unfoldment:

The spelling of GCL in Spanish renders a number when we add the corresponding positions of every letter in the alphabet (1 for A, 2 for B, 27 for X, etc). Afterwards this number is multiplied by 1, 21 in order to get more information about the term.

Numbres    L12+O16+G7+I9+C3+A1+G7+L12+O16+B2+A1+L12+C3+O16+N14+V23+E5+R19+G7+E5+N14+T21+E5 = 230278,30           
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sum 230: GCL enables circuits (2) that are neurological (3) in zero point(0). Also can be read as circuitry (2) for base 30 universe.

Magnifying glass (230 plus 21%) 🔎 278,30: slower conscious view: circuitry (2) that are original (7) that deploy synchronously (8) all planes; faster unconscious view: the three characters (3) o the neurological perception (3) in zero point (0).
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The receiver, as a common unfolded entity that has established a link with the Original Observer, has the opportunity to enable neurological circuits and original circuits that allow him to synchronize all the planes, and assuming 0 as potential. Abstract neurology or neuropixel can also be enabled.

Concrete unfoldment:


1. The unfolding of the Universe and the GCL

2. The vehicle of GCL: derivation

3. Towards a new perception of the receiver

4. The double track: convergent logic and divergent logic

5. The template or Logic grid : - re-meaning the past with Hamer - re-meaning the future with Garnier - re-meaning the present with Alejandra Casado


6. Space-time notions (contents)

7. Space-time structures (continent)

📌 key concepts: original universes - unfolded universes - unfoldment - splitting - derivation - reality - double track - template o grid - Ryke Geerd Hamer - Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet - Alejandra Casado Wozniak

1. The unfoldment of the Universe and the GCL


The Global Convergent Logic (GCL) is a development that begins in 2012 with the contribution of the Argentinean receiver María Alejandra Casado Wozniac.

Initially, this development became known as the "Law of the splitting of the times applied to the Self". And as this law leads to a change of perspective in those who apply it, this gave rise to a new denomination: "Universal perspective of the unfolding of the times", which colloquially is known as " Global Convergent Logic" and since January 2018 as "Temporal spatial structures" or “Space-time Structures”.

This development is currently moving towards access to an Interdimensional Logic where all sciences interconnect and acquire a multidimensional character: we welcome the birth of interdimensional sciences.

The Global Convergent Logic, is also the name of the official website of Alejandra Casado www.logicaglobalconvergente.com wherewhere you will find all the videos publishedished since the beginning of this development.

This development describes how the abstract logic of the laws governing the functioning of the universes operates: what is the origin of these universes, and what is the purpose of their expansion through the unfolding of space-time. And how can we apply these same laws, which are physical and universal, in the Self (in the common person). Therefore, it is essential to introduce some minimal "space-time" notions, which will facilitate the integration of this development and accompany us during this process that we are about to explore, in a unique and non-transferable way for each individual.

A universe is an integral, coherent and cohesive version with all its elements

A universe is an integral, coherent and cohesive version with all its elements.

And why apply the logic of physical and universal laws to ordinary people? Since a Universe is a coherent version that keeps its elements in perfect balance, what would happen if the ordinary person could access the "configuration" of any version of the Universe (original universes) and thus consciously participate in the same laws that keep the Universe in a state of absolute perfection, coherence and equilibrium? what if the ordinary person came up with the formula that allows him to apply these physical and universal laws in his particular life or reality?

Then one could "configure" his own reality according to this state of coherence and equilibrium, just as the Universes themselves do... Ordinary people would be able to create their own reality in convergence with their best future. Access to the configuration or logic of these laws of the Universes is what we will call the logical link, and although it happens in an instant, ordinary people will perceive that "instant" as a gradual, unique and non-transferable process.

And what does an ordinary person have to do to access this universal logic?

2. The vehicle of GCL: derivation


The universes function and operate through logical laws, or in other words, there is a logic behind the laws that govern the universes. Since it is an undetermined logic (since we do not refer to mathematical logic or intellectual logic) and which until now was unknown to us, we call it "abstract" logic.

Involving oneself in this development to access these laws only requires that the person make the conscious choice to link with the Logic. We stress that this is a conscious and logical decision (by no menas energetic!) that each person takes individually, by resonance and self-reference. This link with the Logic of the laws of the universes is concretely accomplished through what we call the logical link or derivation.

Therefore derivation is the connection with the abstract logic of the laws of all universes. For now, we can equate the referral to a little practice or exercise that we will start doing at night, and it won't take us more than 3 minutes.

3. Towards a new perception in the receiver


Let us now see what this "practice" or derivation implies, and how it will connect us to the logic of the laws of the universe.

Through the derivations, I am going to connect with the Origin of everything that exists and that has been created in the Universe, since from there is where the universal logical laws that I want to access operate. And if this Origin is the one who created Existence and all that exists in it, we can deduce that it cannot form part of it but must be located somewhere outside of tangible existence (since being its creator, it cannot form part of its creation). And since it does not form part of tangible existence, it happens to be "something" that I cannot even imagine or describe, so for the moment we will claim that it is an "abstract" point outside of tangible existence. It is important to maintain this point with its "abstract"quality, that is, not to give it any form, color, association, etc.; if we irremediably associate this point with "something" created or known (an idea, a God, etc.), we will automatically try to place it at the origin of "that" that we have associated; and if we are given shape, color, image, etc.... if we return to it, we will go to the "origin of the origin", and so on until we maintain that "abstract" point (something like the meaning of the expression "blank").

And what happens when we connect with that "abstract"point? By making this link with the "abstract" point or Origin, what we are going to call an "abstract" observer is activated in the person's perception, who operates with the same logic and neutrality of the laws that make the universes work (in perfect balance, in a coherent and cohesive way with all the elements that integrate it). So when the common person chooses to make this logical link through the derivations, he becomes a receiver of this Logic of the Universes, and Origin is the issuer of said Logic. In this way, Logic will generate new circuits in the perception of the "common person", who becomes an active receiver. These circuits will enable you with a new neuro-LOGICAL perception, more and more in accordance with the laws of the universes, and which will therefore help you to maintain in perfect coherence and balance all the elements of your life or reality (of your particular "universe").

Let us remember that quantum physics insists that there is no objective reality, but everything depends on the observer who is looking at it. Therefore, if you mutate the perception of the observer (in this case our receptor or common person), you will mutate the reality you are observing. In this way, the receiver acquires the capacity to generate coherent reality in its particular existence and turn its conflicts around. The more logical and coherent the receiver integrates into his perception, the more logical and coherent the reality that surrounds him. Thus, it is Logic itself that corrects the margin of error and distortion with which the receiver has been perceiving its reality.

Eng derivation2.jpg

The derivations also initiate a quarantine process that automatically operates in the receiver, turning over its perceptions and increasing its speed of perception. This will allow us to re-signify all the "elements" that make up our reality (family, work, relationships, beliefs, conflicts, etc.). In this way we learn to observe an increasingly fast and changing reality, which mutates almost every momentThe neurology of the receptor will be adapted to this new scenario granting it a new "online" perception, where the neuron begins to function in connection with the Logic of the universes and is enabled as a neuropixel, thus providing the receptor with the neurological platform capable of sustaining this increase in space-time velocity.

4. The double track: convergent logic and divergent logic


As we have already discussed, the universes function and operate through logical laws, or what is the same: there is a logic behind the laws governing the universes.

We start from the premise that all visible reality has an origin, a previous instance where it has been generated. Thus, behind every visible reality there is an invisible reality, a backroom, which does not exist and cannot be seen, but which sustains that reality, since it is from where it has been created. We could describe it as that instance where the reality I am living is articulated. Therefore, we speak of an "abstract" origin of things, where abstract logic structures and articulates them so that they finally exist in our tangible reality, as they are. These laws operate from that abstract point of view outside of existence, creating everything that exists, since it is its Origin.

Eng inc-cons.jpg

Therefore, we will say that Logic is this intangible aspect (abstract) and previous to a concrete reality, and which determines that this abstract reality, later on, ends up being "something" concrete and tangible in an expressed universe. Logic is what is articulating, from the abstract, everything I see in concrete existence, making things what they are and are nothing else. Therefore, Logic is what conditions my perception', that is, I will perceive (see) according to the Logic that I have. Or what is the same: my Logic will determine reality as I see it. It is the "negative" version of reality that structures and articulates itself so that something exists, later on, in a "positive" result. Just like the old cameras, where the images were printed previously on the negative of the film, to later obtain the positive of the image, that is, the photo already developed and ready to frame. According to how my Logic is articulated and administered in the abstract, I will obtain a reality in the concrete (in my linear life).

Logic is what articulates the negative of reality and determines that reality ends up being what it is, in a positive expression.

Thus, logic has a function of articulating or managing the elements in the abstract, in order to generate any concrete reality. Therefore, logic will have the faculty of being able to unite and be able to separate the elements, creating an endless number of possibilities, which allows it to transform them into anything tangible. That is why Logic has a convergent aspect (that is, it tends to unite the elements in the hyperconvergent abstract origin or point) and a divergent aspect (that is, it tends to separate the elements from their origin). Thus we have:

  • A divergent logic, which is the one that governs in our concrete and tangible reality (also called existence or unfolded universes) and with which we operate the common people. This divergent logic makes us perceive reality in distortion and with a great margin of error, which inevitably leads us to conflict and suffering.

  • And a convergent logic, which operates in the abstract or unconscious (in the non-existence or original universes) of that concrete and tangible reality, and which allows twisting or correcting the margin of error.

Eng conv-div-cons.jpg

Ordinary people, who have not yet activated our receiver by making the logical linkage, operate mechanically with a divergent logic, since this is the one that governs and operates in unfolded universes. And in a unfolded universe my perception will be divergent, that is to say, it will separate the elements that integrate my reality until losing their connection between them. This will bias my perception, which will be distorted, and increase my margin of error, because I lack the frames to understand what my reality is about. On the other hand, when I access convergent logic (which operates in the original universes), it informs me and corrects the divergence in my perception, adding those frames that I lack and that link the elements of my reality to perceive it in its wholeness.

Thus, when the common person decides to make the logical linkage through the derivations and activates himself as a receiver of Logic, then he begins to activate what we call the double track: that is to be able to access simultaneously the divergent logic and the convergent logic of any reality: the abstract (intangible) and the concrete (tangible), the unconscious (non-linear) and the conscious (linear), its negative (the structure on which any existence is articulated) and its positive (the creation already expressed). In this way we have access to the mechanisms of generation of our reality, which allows us to modify it and generate a new reality.

We can summarize that, through the derivations, is how we apply this universal law in the Self, reconnect with our Original Essence (Origin) and establish a logical linkage with an abstract Observer, starting the way back to our Origin to obtain a new version of the self: the common person as a receiver of an abstract Logic.

5. The template or Logic grid : re-meaning the present with Alejandra Casado- re-meaning the past with Hamer - re-meaning the future with Garnier - re-meaning the present with Alejandra Casado


This abstract logic of the Universe and its functioning (convergent and divergent) are explained through what we call the template or grid, where the different space-time dimensions are represented.

The template shows me a matrix or system capable of referencing anything or creation to its logical aspect, thus being able to access the configuration prior to its creation. And why do I want to access the "something"configuration? then to have the ability to modify it. Accessing your settings will allow me to modify the result. The double meaning of the Logic, in its convergent aspect (to unite its elements) and divergent (to separate them) becomes evident through the template, and with it the access to the double track. This access to the Logic (through derivations), which allows me to modify the result. The description of the template delves into the technical aspect of the Logic access process, which are the derivations.

The "language" of abstract logic is filtered into the receiver through numbers and letters. Since the former are more abstract, their connection to Logic is direct. So numbers will be key to this logical development. And that is why the template uses numbers as the main language of abstract logic.

The template or grid uses numbers to explain how the logic of the universe works

The template of the Convergent Global Logic describes the 7 planes of the unfolding of the universes applied to the Self. It is therefore an invitation to know the role of the recipients (common people) within their existence (in the universe). In the template we will see how ordinary people relate to the past, and how, from the future, they can reconnect with a balanced present. By re-meaning these three links of the receiver or common person (with the past, present and future) and connecting with what is the logic of their existence, all the planes of the template are synchronized, making our way of perceiving and operating work, in convergence with our best future. Thus the template is presented in 3 steps where:

  • We will know how the 4 markers from the "past" operate, They encode my biological unconscious (from the German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer) and my capacity to respond in my context. This is going to be crucial to understand where the distortion in my perception comes from, and therefore why I operate or act as I do and how I do it.
  • We will know the Law of the Unfolding of Times of the French scientist Garnier and the existence of a quantum double (or twin), which will allow us to resignify the notion of "future"...
  • And finally, from that interaction between past and future, we will resignify the notion of "present", which is the point where past and future are balanced or neutralized (point 0), and from where the logical link (the nocturnal derivation) is made with the Convergent Logic of the Universe.

Eng pas-pres-fut2.jpg

Re-meaning with Logic the past (thanks to Hamer's contributions), and the future (thanks to Garnier's contributions), the past-future equation is balanced in the present with Logic (thanks to Casado's contributions).

6. Space-Time notions (contents)



Ending the year 2017 with the 52nd GCL event, we can conclude that the GCL (in its different names: Law of the Unfoldment of the Self or Universal Perspective of the Unfoldment of Times) from its beginnings always dealt with space-time notions.

In the article "Logic in 21 articles", we have already added the following as a guideline:

  • 2012-2013: 🌎🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑

The concepts that were introduced from the beginning of this development, from 2012 to 2013. Among other concepts: unfolding, template, plans, derivation, etc. Concepts that allow us to identify the common person as a receptor.

  • 2013-2014: 🌎🌍🌑🌑🌑🌑

Once recognized as receptors, we begin to locate ourselves in space-time. This is how the concepts of MAP (space) and Calendar (time) appear, which are re-signified with Logic. With this, frequencies and numbers begin to report together with the letters. At this level, space-time is included: receptors are located in space-time.

  • 2014-2015: 🌎🌍🌏🌑🌑🌑

Once recognized as receptors, we begin to locate ourselves in space-time. This is how the concepts of MAP (space) and Calendar (time) appear, which are re-signified with Logic. With this, frequencies and numbers begin to report together with the letters. At this level, space-time is included: the receptors are space-timely located in reference to planet Earth.

  • 2016-2017: 🌎🌍🌏🌞🌑🌑

At this level we assume the space-time location of the receptor, in reference to planet Earth. Thus, we observe how the Calendaria spatially-temporarily relates the receptor with planet Earth: the geographic coordinates NW, NE, SW, SE (NO, NE, SO, SE on Spanish) give us a new perspective of the MAP. At this level, Earth is included: the perspective is broadened and the receptors are placed spatially-temporarily in reference to the solar system.

7. Space-time Structures (continent)



Beginning in 2018 and with the 53rd event concluded, the importance of integrating the space-time notions (content) into a structure (continent) is clear.

Thus, any space-time structure is configured in a grid that moves in three absolute terms: Nothing, Everything, and Something.

As we saw in the template, in its unconscious aspect, Everything (4) and Nothing (7) alternate spaces between 4 and 7 (EVERYTHING-NOTHING), and between 7 and 4 (NOTHING-EVERYTHING). And both (4 and 7), in the conscious aspect of the grid, support the negative and positive of SOMETHING (1).

Reducing any element that we want to refer in the template or grid to EVERYTHING-NOTHING-SOMETHING allows us to simplify any notion to its most abstract form.

Las 5 vueltas del abc:

1ª vuelta


230 278,30

2ª vuelta


851 1029,71

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1472 1781,12

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2093 2532,53

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